our vision

Since our first class in March 2010, we have offered an array of genres from gifted instructors who modify exercises to the variety of abilities and levels in class. Beginners are invited to join open level classes and are celebrated for their participation. We invite students to explore movement from a point of joy, not judgment. Through constant encouragement, positive feedback from other students, and seeing their own progress, our students begin to thrive on dance as a form of exercise and expression. We are creating a liberated movement.

“We love what we do and we do it with a great deal of passion.”

our mission

We are doing something different by providing donation-based dance classes in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, opening doors to those restricted by cost or lack of experience. Our classes are open to anyone in the NYC community. Prior dance experience is not required, nor are there are any age restrictions. We suggest a donation of $10 per class, although any amount is welcome. We operate exclusively off of the donations people give in class and via our website. For more information about the donation-based model, please visit our donate page.


  • “The inviting atmosphere at Liberated Movement has given me the opportunity to dance without worrying about being judged. The open and fun environment has really helped me improve in ways I would not have otherwise.”


  • “On the way home today Kayla and I were talking about how amazing today was. The culture you have created is inspiring. We are both intensely competitive and all of that angst is released organically every Tuesday. Love you!”


  • “Liberated Movement has played a crucial role in restoring my health. After two years of being inactive due to an injury and financial drain, I am now dancing far more than I have been able to do since I was a teenager. Thank you!”



Liberated Movement is a safe space for humans of all walks of life. We welcome everyone regardless of citizenship status, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, race, housing or economic status.