Donation-Based Dance Classes

Explore movement from a point of joy, not judgment.
Current Week

May 2017

Mon 7pm-8pm

Contemporary w/ Megan Pollard


This class blends lyrical techniques with modern accents and contemporary style. Megan’s warm up focuses on strengthening techniques using exercises inspired by ballet, Horton and jazz, followed by deep, relaxing stretches. Her routines move quickly and incorporate weight shifting, articulated changes between hard and soft movement, deep contractions and accented movements where you connect with the music and can throw in your own style. This class keeps you moving and explores the connection with your body through choreography. *Bare feet suggested

May 2017

Mon 8pm-9pm

Hip Hop Fusion w/ Janine Micheletti


Janine’s class is built to not only learn steps but to understand and enjoy the freedom of street specific styles. Janine starts out with a warm up consisting of various grooves, isolations, stretching, and core strengthening exercises. She then moves into a combination that will have a focus for that class, whether it be a feeling she wants conveyed or to drill steps to develop your skills as a street style dancer. She hopes to instill an integrity of movement in a supportive and open atmosphere.
*Sneakers suggested

May 2017

Tues 7pm-8pm

Ballet w/ Sarah Doudna


In this class Sarah encourages building a strong basis of ballet technique for developing strength and flexibility. Class begins with a warmup at the barre followed by combinations in the center of the room and across the floor. This class is a place for those new to ballet to keep moving and gain the fundamental knowledge of ballet, and for returning dancers to perfect their technique. Sarah focuses on building ballet technique in a friendly and supportive atmosphere with the idea that ballet is fun, expressive, and a great workout. Class is open to dancers and non-dancers alike and all levels are welcome.

*Ballet slippers or socks suggested  
May 2017

Thurs 7pm-8pm

Contemporary Indian w/ Brinda Guha **NEW CLASS**


Based on the core of the Contemporary Indian style lies the fusion of the intricacies of classical Indian dance: footwork, expression, and hand movements, with targeted exercises to provide for a fulfilling and fresh contemporary dance routine at the end of every class. This class attempts to investigate the communicative potential when merging western dance traditions with a classical Indian foundation. It starts with a vigorous yet meditative warm-up, and proceeds to elaborate on Indian classical and contemporary technique. This leads to a dynamic movement language and exchange, and leaves the dancer with a clear understanding of the relevance and importance of Indian aesthetic in the performing arts. *Bare feet or socks suggested

May 2017

Sat 12:00pm-1:30pm

NO CLASS – Happy Memorial Day!



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